English Teaching in Primary

English is one of the most important international languages. We have to build up students' confidence and try to motivate them to speak more English. Our primary school teachers teach English by using lots of interesting and multifarious activities. We try to conduct a relaxing and joyful learning context for students. Besides, teachers will basic on students' personality and carry out suitable teaching methods. We contribute to improve our students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


1. To teach with the purpose of student-centered and basic on BAA (Basic Academic Attainments)

2. To teach students' ability to use English to communicate effectively.

3. To develop students' interest in learning English and establish the foundation for life-long learning.

4. To develop students' ability to cope with the changing needs of society through responding and giving expression to their learning experience.

5. To provide students with a wide range of learning experiences to enhance students' cultural understanding and global competitiveness.

In order to improve our students' English, we

  • motivate students to read

There is no denying that the lingual atmosphere is very important for students to acquire the language. Developing a creative and comfortable environment, we can provide students opportunities to interact with others and stimulate their interests in learning English as well. We believe that students can be the self-motived learners soon.

In order to arouse students' interest in reading, we have set up an English Corner for years. We provide different kinds of books for students. Therefore, students can read the books that they are interested. What's more, we play the animated cartoons and some educational videos to students. Students find it fun in learning English and broaden their horizon by reading gradually.

  • provide different courses to improve English
    • New Comers Tutorial Classes – provide courses for new students who came from China with poor knowledge of English, as to build up their foundation of English learning.
    • English Fun Classes – provide relaxing and interesting learning environment for students who are good at English and enhance their English abilities on self-learning skills, listening and oral speaking. We encourage students to help those who are weak at English and share what they have learned in these classes.
    • English Tutorial Classes – provide weekly after-class tutoring for students who are weak at English as to strengthen their English abilities and achievements.
  • broaden learning horizon and cultivating positive learning atmosphere

Learning a language without linking to its culture is as dull as looking at an artificial flower. Therefore, incorporating festivals into language learning classroom is able to create learning environment in which students can learn languages in an interesting way. Our school organizes different festival-themed English teaching activities which respond to western festivals such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Halloween and so on. We hope that our students will learn English not only as a language but also as a culture. In this way, they will know how to respect the different cultures.

  • provide platforms for students to build up their confidence

Besides the regular teaching activities, our school holds different kinds of competitions, such as Singing Competition, Dictionary Consulting Competition, Penmanship Competition and so on. English Day and Sharing days give students more opportunities to show their English talents. The students can show their desires for English and enhance their English abilities.

  • provide trainings for teachers

Our school also provides some courses or trainings for the English teachers to improve their teaching methods and strategies.